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The Poets in Autumn Tour features four of the most gifted, passionate & humble artists in the spoken word & hip hop movement. Janette…ikz, Jackie Hill Perry, Preston Perry,  & Ezekiel Azonwu.  Featuring Special Guest, Jonathan McReynolds 

You’ve watched them all grow as lyricists over the years, but also as followers of Christ. Their heart for bringing the Gospel to people through the form of spoken word has changed lives across the globe and they are bringing a fall tour to North America this year that is sure to continue changing lives for the Kingdom! 

Special Guest: Jonathan McReynolds


Featured Cities: 

9/9  Raleigh, NC
9/11 Richmond, VA
9/12 Washington, DC
9/24 Indianapolis, IN
9/25 Kansas City, MO
10/1 Oklahoma City, OK
10/2 Dallas, TX
10/3 Houston, TX

It’s rare these days to find a young artist who puts everything on the table. Who puts his whole heart into his music and passionately sings of his love for Jesus Christ.  McReynolds is that rare find, who at 25 years old is on his way to becoming one of the most fascinating gospel / Christian contemporary music (CCM) artists of his time. With his exceptional songwriting, incredible voice, and his compelling debut album “Life Music,” there is absolutely no stopping Jonathan’s tremendous talent and natural star quality.



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